Water Treatment Plant Supplier and Manufacturer

It has been found that in house or residential townships people need water for “Toilet Flushing” and “Gardening”. EESPL utilize nearly 65% of our total water in order to fulfill the demand of water for these two works. For These two tasks we can use sub graded water in these cases. If people living in residential town ship are able to reuse the waste water that has been drained from our Bathing/shower/laundry activities by treating and recycling then we would be able to save lots of water. As fresh water used in flushing and gardening falls so will the burden on our water resources which is falling day by day.

Affordable Water Treatment Plant Supplier

EESPL is one of the Best and top WTP manufacturer in Delhi India. Grey water Treatment and reuse systems (GWTRS) is a process which can treat and recycle the water that comes out from our bathing areas and washing machines and usually goes in waste. This waste water after treatment can later be used for flushing and gardening purposes.

Same way, raw water that comes from river water, well, bore well etc. should be treated before you can use them for any of the requirements mentioned below.

  • Drinking water
  • Process application
  • Industrial application
  • Beautification & recreation

The raw water may be contaminated due to Mixing or percolation of polluted water, Presence of salts & other hazardous contaminants, High suspended & dissolved solids, Presence microbial pollution and this is a very big problem for the environment too.

We at EESPL designed and implemented large number of packages for Water treatment & purification plants not only for residential areas but for industries as well. Our products include Water Filtration systems, Water Softener systems, Ultra- Filtration systems, Disinfection systems, UV systems, Reverse Osmosis plants, etc.

We are one of the top Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP ), Water Treatment Plants ( WTP ), Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants ( Industrial ETP ), Biogas Plants, Rain Water Harvesting Systems ( RWH Systems ), Grey Water Treatment Plants ( GWT Plants ), Sludge Dewatering Systems. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC Services ), Retrofitting Services for our product range and our setup is situated in Faridabad, Haryana, India.