Tailor-made ETP Plants & Wastewater Treatment for Textile Industry

A reliable ETP and wastewater treatment is very important for the production of textiles. Water is required in many textile production steps, both when manufacturing thread and cloth and during textile finishing. The wastewater produced during these methods contains a very diverse range of chemicals and dyes.

EESPL has vast experience in manufacturing and installing of ETP Plants & Wastewater Treatment for Textile Industry. We also offer customized solutions for the cleaning and decolonization of wastewater discharged from the textile industry. Different techniques are needed, depending on the quantity of wastewater and the type of pollution contained in it.

Waste water treatment solutions for Textile Manufacturers

In manufacturing textile, industry use of several thousand different chemical substances, ranging from solvents to resins and from caustic soda to bleach. Every textile factory practices different processes in making cloth. But rinsing is common in all types of textile industry, which is mandatory after many of the process step, it is not possible to stop use of harmful substances and at discharged in the wastewater.

EESPL helps you to remove harmful substances from the wastewater. We know about the all range of manufacturing and finishing processes in the textile industry. Therefore, we customise the appropriate technologies for cost-effective and energy-efficient wastewater treatment in your textile manufacturing plant. Our experts for wastewater treatment plant design the correct ETP/WTP specifically designed for your production processes.

The textile industry produces wastewater in huge quantity. We make sure that harmful chemical substances are removed from the wastewater before it can be released into municipal drain systems. Of course, we will continue to offer you our top class Annual maintenance service for ETP/STP also after the commissioning — and we will even operate the system for you if required.

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