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Basically, to choose between technologies among the various available technologies & design of STP totally depend upon the source from which waste water is generated. There are three major stages of the wastewater treatment process, rightly known as primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment. In some applications, more higher treatment is required, known as quaternary water treatment. This phase deals with part per million to part per billion levels of pollution and often involves oxidation or fine filtration processes. Each of these stages tackles different pollutants, with water becoming cleaner as it moves through the phases.

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In actual fact, a manure management plant operates by circulating air to cheer the growth of bacteria to break down manure. The goal being to deliver much cleaner, more environmentally friendly waste matter. It involves alike process to a classic septic tank but has some key differences. Manure treatment plants, depending on their size, can treat the ravage of commercial properties or a number of domestic dwellings. The common construction of a manure treatment plant does not differ too radically from that of a septic tank. Just as with a septic tank, manure flows from the property being serviced into the first chamber of the manure treatment plant. Here, the water sits until lubricate, oil and crust have floated to the top and solids have settled on the bottom of the tank.

Once the process of partition has taken place, the liquid travels into a second chamber which is where manure treatment plants differ from septic tanks. This chamber is fitted with an air pump that circulates air around the chamber to support the growth of aerobic bacteria. This bacteria helps to break down the contaminants in the water, successfully cleaning it. The final stage of a manure treatment plant is one last settlement tank. This final tank allows the very last solids that may stay to sink to the bottom of the tank before the waste matter is discharged into a saturate or channel.

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Once the treatment process has been completed and the wastewater has been treated as thoroughly as possible, it can be discharged into the environment. Whereas you must discharge waste matter from a septic tank into a saturate for further treatment in the ground, you can discharge your waste matter into local water sources directly from your treatment plant. This is because of the immensely improved waste matter quality that the treatment process produces.